Xcaret Ecological Park

The Xcaret Eco Park is home to a variety of enjoyable vacation activities. On an average day at the park, you could float on the underground river, snorkel in the lagoon, relax on the beach, look out for beautiful varieties of Mexican wildlife and learn about the early traditions of Mayan history.

The adventure based ecological park is one of the most popular and publicised attractions in the Mayan Riviera.

Xcaret is situated in an ideal location, within a 5 minute journey from Playa del Carmen and just 45 minutes away from Cancun.

The lush vegetation and natural formations of water create a stunning setting. You may come across Mayan entertainers dressed in traditional costumes as you make your way around. The staff really add to the experience and help to create a Mexican festival inspired atmosphere.

Lagoon in Xcaret, Mexico

The Main Actvities at the Park

The Underground River

The underground river is a firm favourite amongst visitors to the park. The water travels deep below the surface of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Visitors can negotiate the caves and caverns with a choice of methods. By wearing one of the provided life jackets, you can happily float along the river, you can also make your way through by swimming or snorkeling. If you are not a confident swimmer, there is the option to climb aboard the rafts and enjoy the experience that way instead.

The Lagoon and Beach Area

The lagoon is a great location to snorkel and explore. You may also just enjoy a relaxing swim and take the chance to cool down from the hot Mexican weather. There are hammocks and sun loungers on the stunning beach areas where you can sit back and unwind in luxurious surroundings.

The Marine Turtle Program

One of my favourite attractions at Xcaret is the marine turtle program. In this section you get the chance to get up close and witness the beautiful green sea turtles in a protected environment. The ecological park runs a rescue and conservation operation for endangered sea turtles in Mexico. Visitors can find out fascinating information about this adorable species.

Green Sea Turtle at Xcaret

Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a great spot, to stop stare and admire. Visitors will enjoy observing the behaviour patterns and playful nature of the spider monkeys and howler monkeys. The ecological park works hard to protect endangered animal species in Mexico.

The Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trail offers visitors the chance to connect with the environmental ecosystems in the park. On a tour around the jungle you can discover the range of impressive wildlife. You may also enjoy the chance to learn more about fauna and flora and the wide varieties of plants and flowers.

Other areas of the Eco Park

Other activity based areas range from the bat cave to the aquarium and the manatee lagoon. Nature lovers may enjoy visiting the Jaguar Island section of the park. You can view jaguars and pumas roaming in the jungle landscaped areas. It is also worth exploring the archeological areas and the historical Mexican village at the park.

Green macaws in Mexico

Our Experience at Xcaret

The Xcaret Ecological Park is one of the first attractions that we visited when on vacation in Riviera Maya Mexico.

I'm glad to say that we had a great day and we really enjoyed the experience. If you're looking for a fun-filled excursion that the whole family can enjoy, then this is the place for you.

After spending the morning exploring the popular ecological centre, we stopped for a well deserved selection of delicious Mexican food for our lunch. We then set out to explore the park in further detail. My wife especially enjoyed the butterfly pavilion and the flamingo section in the park. She then progressed to spend quite a long time (as usual) in the shopping centre.

After a few hours though we began to feel quite tired in the hot Mexican weather and thought about returning back to our resort.

It is a good idea to bring plenty of bottled water with you to keep yourself hydrated on your trip to this attraction. During the peak months it can also get quite busy and crowded at times during the afternoon.

If you do stay till the evening however there is usually a dramatic dance and music show. The show is based on the themes of Mayan history and culture and is a great way to end the day.

Mayan performer at an Eco Park in Mexico

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