The Weather in Mexico

You can predict forecasts for the weather in Mexico by looking at the current climatic conditions. There are two main seasons within the country, the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season usually falls between May to October, this period also contains the hottest months of the year which are typically between June to October. During the rainy season you may experience short, sharp showers but they are usually short lived and often break away to reveal beautiful rays of sunshine.

There is a slight risk of adverse Mexican weather during this time. This risk is especially relevant if you travel towards the end of this period during the months of September and October. These two months are generally regarded as the peak time for potential storms and hurricanes.

The dry season is slightly cooler, this period occurs between the months of November to April. If you fancy some winter sun, then Christmas is also a great time to take your vacation. Many people favour the winter months as the temperatures drop a little and the climate is generally less humid.

It is popular to plan your Mexican holidays during both the dry and rainy seasons. Many people plan their vacations in the summer months of June,
July and August. The forecasts are usually good at Easter time too.

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What's the best location to enjoy
the Climate in Mexico?

Tourists travel each year to enjoy the beautiful weather in Cancun. They travel to soak up the sun and sunbathe on the beautiful white sandy beaches. My favourite holiday destination however is the Mayan Riviera.

Within Riviera Maya there are a wide variety of destinations to choose from. For example, you could enjoy the lively and colourful Playa del Carmen, the elegant Akumal, the marina based Puerto Aventuras or the peace and tranquility at Tulum. There are many resorts to stay in and a vast variety of local amenities.

The sunshine orientated weather and climate provide perfect conditions for a relaxing Mexican vacation.

I have experienced many holidays in this region, and we have always enjoyed the pleasant climate conditions.

It is of course a good idea to take a well-stocked supply of sun cream with you. There is nothing worse than getting badly sunburnt within the first few days of your holiday.

This happened to a friend of mine before and he had to stay out of the sun
for the rest of his vacation. During the hottest and most humid months of the year, you will probably have to dip in and out of the pool or go for a regular swim in the sea to cool off. When you make your way to the beach or pool, head for one of the sun-loungers with a wide sunshade.

You can then rotate your sunbathing when enjoying the hot weather in Mexico. Spend 20 minutes in the sun, then go back to your comfy lounger in the shade and look out at those beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.

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