Guide to Tulum Mexico

Tulum Mexico is located in the state of Quintana Roo at the southern most point of the Riviera Maya coastline. The Mayan Riviera itself, is situated in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the South east area of the Mexican map.

Tulum was a highly significant area for the early Mayan communities and an important landmark in the development and progression of Mexican history.

The mayan ruins showcase the architectural achievements of the past and
act as the focus of tourism developments within the region today.

This is a popular area for tourists seeking to experience a Mexico vacation with a difference. The availability of eco-orientated hotels and a generally quieter vacation atmosphere offer a contrast to the bright lights of other nearby locations like Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

The picturesque white sandy beaches are a great place to relax, unwind
and watch the world go by. The spectacular sea views offer a variety
of fantastic photograph opportunities.

Beach in Tulum, Mexico

Historical and Ecological Attractions

Tulum Mexico is home to many local cenotes, including the Gran Cenote,
Hidden World Park and The Cenote Dos Ojos. These centres provide a fantastic opportunity to experience snorkeling in a dramatic and natural environment.

The Mayan Ruins however are the main attraction in Tulum Mexico, tourists travel from all over Cancun and Riviera Maya to explore the famous archaeological ruins. With the high percentage of tourism, the ruins can obviously get quite busy, however if you have the luxury of staying within
the local area itself then you can beat the crowds and explore the dramatic Mayan architecture in the morning or evening instead.

Other attractions nearby, include the historical Coba Ruins and the breathtaking beauty of the Sian Ka'an Ecological Reserve. Sian Ka'an (which is an environmentally protected UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a great place to discover unique marine life and fascinating varieties of Mexican wildlife.

Luxurious Hotel Setting in Tulu

Hotels and Restaurants

There are a variety of hotels, restaurants and resorts located in Tulum Mexico. You are more likely to find a range of boutique spa hotels and eco-orientated resorts rather than the extensive five star all inclusive resorts that are common throughout other areas of the Mayan Riviera. However there are a couple of larger hotels and a few exceptions to this rule.

There are also a selection
of condos, beachfront cabanas, bed and breakfasts and hostels
if you're working on
a tight budget.

If you compare prices and shop around then cheap vacations can definitely be
a reality in this region.

There are a small number of restaurants and cafes in the area if you wish to try a selection of traditional food, outside of your resort.

There is a varied price structure, ranging from expensive cuisine to cheap comfort style food. This is generally a quiet vacation spot, there is often
a variety of nightly entertainment in a selection of hotels but you will not generally find an abundance of bars or nightlife within the area.

Mayan Ruins of Tulum

The Main Locations

There are three main areas within Tulum Mexico, which are formed by the beach, the town and the ruins. The beach area is home to many cabanas, beachfront properties and hotels.

Within the town area you can find local shops and restaurants. Many local Mexican people and resort based workers live in the residential areas of the town. You can gain a good understanding of the local culture and traditional ways of life in these areas.

If you're intending to travel by plane, then your likely destination will be Cancun International Airport. It is then around an hour and a half to two hours drive from the airport. You can usually pre-book airport transfers to take you directly to your resort.

The weather and climate are important factors in your holiday experience.

Beautiful sunshine orientated days are the general composite features of the local weather conditions. However you may want to plan your vacation at specific times of the year to enjoy the warm weather and to avoid the peak months of the potential hurricane season in September and October.

One of the most unique aspects of a vacation to Tulum Mexico is the opportunity to experience the beautiful historical surroundings in a relatively uncommercial and generally eco friendly environment.

Cabana on the beach in Tulum

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