Traditional Mexican Recipes

Many people sample traditional Mexican recipes and the delights of Mexico food whilst on vacation.

However after returning home from their enjoyable holidays they often start
to experiment with Mexican cooking themselves. Popular dishes range from chicken fajitas to salsa, tacos and chilli con carne.

Many popular recipes derive from traditional Mayan and Aztec influences
with the combination of a twist of modern Spanish cooking techniques

If the dishes are prepared well you gain a distinct sense of flavour and appreciation. It is almost as if the layers of historical Mexican culture are metaphorically represented within the actual dishes themselves.

cheese Quesadilla Dish

Attempting Mexican Cooking

If you are thinking about experimenting with traditional Mexican recipes,
then it may be a good idea to begin with some simple dishes to start with.

The cheese quesadilla (pictured above) for example, is really easy to make.
The quesadilla is essentially a tortilla with a selection of fillings. You could experiment with a variety of fillings to find the perfect combination. Popular fillings range from chicken, ham, olives, mushrooms, peppers or just plain cheese. Once you decide on your ingredients, simply fold the tortilla to conceal the fillings and bake in the oven for just over ten minutes. You can serve this dish with salsa dips.

Another popular dish which can be served with salsa is the Mexican bean burger. In order to create the burgers you will need to create a mixture and combine the Mexican beans in a bowl with chilli powder, breadcrumbs and coriander. Once you have a good rich mixture, shape the ingredients into
round shapes and grill the burgers for around ten to twelve minutes,
turning when appropriate.

Experimenting with Mexican Recipes

Before you know it, you could soon be moving on to cook experimental and complicated traditional Mexican recipes.

One of my favourite recipes to experiment with is the Nopalitos dish.

The dish is formed of pads cut from within the prickly pear cactus.

The Nopales obtained from the cactus can be grilled or boiled and are often used as ingredients within Mexican soups or tortilla wraps.

The Mexico flag actually pictures an eagle perched aloft a prickly pear cactus, this iconic image derives from an ancient Aztec history legend. From this perspective you can begin to ascertain the influences from the cultural and historical traditions within Mexico food today. The best way to enjoy Mexican cooking yourself is just to start preparing and experimenting.

It may not go to plan to start with, but after a while you may surprise yourself and create some mouth watering, traditional Mexican recipes of your own.

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