Traditional Mexican Clothing

Common styles in Traditional Mexican clothing have been produced for many years. The traditions associated with the production of popular clothing trends have been passed on by generation after generation.

You may uncover influences from early Mesoamerican groups in the unique style and fabric of the clothes. If you look closely at the garments you can trace historical connections from notable Aztec, Mayan and Spanish sources.

Traditional Mexican clothing may be produced from a combination of fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool, other materials such as agave and bark could also be used. In the early days, garments would have been produced from whichever materials could be sourced from the local surroundings. As more modern times progressed however, it became far easier to obtain a range of fabrics and textures with the aid of improved transportation and trade links.

A collection of Traditional Mexican Clothing

Do Mexican People still wear Traditional Clothes?

If you visit the archaeological site at Chichen Itza you are likely to encounter a variety of people dressed in traditional Mexican clothing. Many Mayan people choose to stick by their original customs and traditions, they will wear appropriate clothing to fit in with their historical culture.

Many traditionally produced garments include detailed collections of patterns and embroidery.

The patterns are often associated with fascinating ideological meanings and stories.

A pattern may be universal within a cultural group or can be independently produced to relate to a particular experience.

Some people decide to produce their own garments and include personal icons to represent their unique interpretations of important events within their lifetime.

You may come across collections of traditional Mexican clothing when on holiday in Riviera Maya. It is common to see eccentric, colourful creations at a range of Mexican festivals. Many resorts put on shows and performances displaying the cultural traditions and historical customs.

Colourful Mexican Clothing

Modern Styles of Fashion

Modern clothing is worn by the majority of people throughout the major cities and towns within the country.

The modern style of fashion worn by many Mexican people is very similar to the trends you would find elsewhere in both the US and the UK. There are subtle differences here and there, due to the difference in climate, you are not likely to find heavy knitwear and a wide selection of jackets and winter coats.

However for the most part, the clothing worn in the cities is likely to be suitably similar to the clothes you will find back home.

As you venture out from the major cities however you discover closer interaction within the style of clothes with the ancient civilizations of the past.

The iconic sombrero is one of the clothing accessories that many people instantly associate with Mexico. You are likely to come across an array of mass produced sombreros in popular tourist locations. Some are well made, others are not, but people usually feel the urge to try them on when enjoying their vacation.

The handmade sombrero however was often seen as a key feature of traditional Mexican clothing. In fact the iconic hats are still very popular today, with many people choosing to wear them to shield themselves from the sun.

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