Riviera Maya All Inclusive Vacations

Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resorts should provide a range of high-end facilities and services that genuinely add to your vacation experience.

One of the best things about these types of holidays, is the option to leave your purse or wallet at home and take the chance to kick back, relax and simply enjoy your vacation! The first thing you should check when booking a Riviera Maya All Inclusive Hotel, is the itinerary and breakdown of the features that you actually get within the price.

For example, does the hotel offer 24 hour facilities, do you have to pay extra for branded drinks and are there set times for your daily meals. The majority of popular resorts in Mexico are based on the all inclusive option, so everybody staying there will be on the same program as you.

This is quite comforting as there will be a sense of equality. There will not be the situation of paying more to get a better standard of service, everyone at the hotel should get the same quality and care because everyone staying there should rightly be treated as equal.

Value for Money at the Resorts

After staying in a wide range of Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resorts, I'm glad to report that the vast majority of hotel features and amenities are generally included as part of the package price.

The hospitality of the staff at the hotels are really impressive. Everyone that we have encountered have been extremely friendly, polite and courteous.

If you're anything like me, the first thing I do when choosing which type of delicious Mexican food to eat or whether to get that tempting cocktail, is check the price. Well, in these resorts of course, this simply is not a problem.

Eat and drink to your hearts content, enjoy the free entertainment and concentrate on what you traveled here to do in the first place; have a relaxing and luxurious sun-soaked holiday in style.

CoconutDrink by the pool

Our Experience On All Inclusive Vacations

I mentioned the equality factor earlier in relation to the resorts in Mexico, because this is not always the case with package holidays. In recent years, all inclusive holidays have had a bad reputation in certain countries for poor service and a range of low quality food.

Accounts of food being left out uncovered and in full view of the scorching sunshine are common in many destinations.

In my experience however, these situations do not occur within recommended resorts and hotels in Riviera Maya Mexico.

My wife and I went to one of the Canary Islands a few years back and stayed in a four star hotel.

Now in this hotel there were both the inclusive package option guests and regular paying guests. We noticed on the majority of occasions that the regular option guests were treated considerably better than the package ones and got a much better level of service. This is just one example of course, but it is an experience we have never encountered in a Riviera Maya All Inclusive hotel.

Refreshing Cocktails on Mexico Beach

Food and Drink at the Resorts

Most Riviera Maya All Inclusive resorts, have set meal times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These could range typically as; 7-10am for breakfast, 12-2pm for lunch and 6-10pm for dinner. The resorts usually include 24 snack bars as well if you are still feeling hungry.

The added bonus to this though are the specialty restaurants which are also common throughout the majority of hotels in the region.

We could not believe the first time we visited one of these restaurants that the food and drink did not include any additional charges. When the waiter brought out caviar as a pre-meal starter I was looking anxiously towards my empty pockets with a limited supply of Mexican Pesos. Luckily for me though after rounding off my meal with a delicious coffee, the waiter came over to wish us well, and that was that!

Leave Your Wallet at Home

I said at the start that you can safely leave your wallet or purse at home when staying in these resorts. This sense of freedom can definitely improve your holiday experience and help to create a hassle fee, fun vacation.

It is great to be able to relax when you go swimming in the sea or sunbathe by the pool.

How about lying back in the hammocks and chilling out on the beach.

You could even just take a relaxing stroll around the resort gardens, without of course having to worry about keeping an eye on your valuable belongings at all times.

One thing that you might consider thinking about though is keeping some spare cash by for tips. For example, if you go out for an evening meal or maybe for drinks at your hotel bar it is a good idea to carry a small selection of Mexican Pesos by in your pocket.

Tipping is not a compulsory activity in Mexico, but it is obviously appreciated by the staff in the resorts. The staff should still treat you well if you don't tip of course, but it is always nice to get into the habit of leaving a few spare pesos here and there at the end of a meal, or maybe if you have the same waiter, at the end of the week instead.

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