Planning Your Mexico Wedding

Just picture the scene for a dream Mexico wedding, the bride strolling along
the white sandy beaches, the stunning weather glazing overhead and the gentle sound of the crashing waves from the Caribbean Sea.

It's easy to understand why, just so many brides and grooms decide to get married in Mexico. Many people choose to celebrate their big day in the idyllic location of Riviera Maya. The scenery certainly paints the picture, and after the ceremony of course, you are based in a fantastic location to start enjoying a romantic and luxurious honeymoon in style.

Popular locations for Mexico wedding venues range from the the luxury hotels based throughout the Mayan Riviera in locations like Tulum, Akumal and Playa del Carmen. You could also base your plans in Cancun or the beautiful island of Cozumel. The majority of hotel staff will be only to happy to help you with the arrangements for the big day.

Caribbean Wedding Ceremony

Forms and Legal Requirements

When planning a Mexico wedding it is necessary to fill in a variety of forms
and documentation. Be sure to check out the latest advice before you go.

You will need to show your passports, birth certificates and marriage application forms. Although the form-filling process may seem complicated at first it is relatively straight forward and just requires some forward planning.

In most situations, four witnesses will be required
to be present at the marriage ceremony.

There are two types of Wedding ceremonies in Mexico, the Civil Marriage and the Religious Marriage.

The civil marriage ceremony is a legal requirement and must take place in order
for the marriage to be recognised as an
official wedding.

The religious ceremony is optional depending upon your beliefs. Most Mexican people will usually opt to have both ceremonies, they often have a religious marriage in a church and then the civil marriage to validate the paperwork.

If you are considering getting married in Mexico, there is also the option of involving a wedding planner. A planner can advise you on the best locations (including a range of hidden gems) for your big day and also guide you through the necessary paperwork and administration that will be involved.

Celebrating a Mexico Wedding

Advantages of Getting Married in Mexico

Apart from the beautiful location and picturesque setting, are there any
other advantages of celebrating your wedding in Mexico?

One of the best things about getting married in a different country is the chance to get away from the usual stress and decisions involved in planning
the big day back home.

For example, when we got married the guest list was a nightmare.

Should we invite this person, should we invite that person, if we invite
him then we have to invite her...(you get the idea).

Well if you travel for your marriage plans then you have the perfect
excuse to just invite your really close friends and family.

You can then celebrate your ideal Mexico wedding with the people that
really matter to you, and bring back those amazing photographs to show everybody else back home.

Mexican Wedding on the beach

If you're looking for a wedding planner to help you plan your big day, then can provide some excellent recommendations.

Find out more information about marriage in Mexico.

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