The Mexico Travel Warning

A much publicised Mexico Travel Warning is related to an area near the US Mexico border know as Ciudad Juarez.

It is suspected that ongoing crime related issues are present in Juarez and it is highly advisable to not travel through or near this part of Mexico.

Due to this warning, there has also been widespread confusion surrounding the safety of popular holiday destinations amongst many people. It is important to place this information in perspective however, because the area in question is a long, long way away from the main tourism areas in the country.

Millions of tourists enjoy safe and secure holidays to Cancun and Riviera Maya each year. Tourism is very important to Mexico and the main tourism areas are safe and secure areas. There are places in every country of course that tourists should avoid, as long as you know where they are you will be just fine.

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Travelling to Mexico

If you are planning your vacation from the Southern United States and you are genuinely worried about the Mexico travel warning, then to put your mind at rest, why not just fly to your destination.

You could fly, instead of embarking on a road trip half way across the continent. If you fly direct from your home town to Cancun International Airport, you can pre-arrange transfers straight to your resort.

Of course if you are traveling from northern areas of the country, or Canada, the UK or Europe, then you would have to travel by plane to your destination anyway. Most travel operators will arrange pre-booked airport transfers for you.

When you are in any foreign country of course it is important to respect that country's laws, traditions and culture.

It is important to basically be aware that customs and practices are different in different places. Behaviour that may be appropriate in some countries could sometimes be offensive or unusual to others.

So my advice would be fairly simple, plan your vacation in one of the main tourism locations, be smart, be aware of new surroundings and last but not least enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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