Mexico Travel Advice Tips

If you are planning your holiday in Riviera Maya or Cancun then you will soon be enjoying a fantastic vacation. However if you plan ahead a little and take a note of our useful Mexico travel advice tips throughout the site then you will be well prepared for your upcoming trip.

For example, which form of currency should you take, do you have to pay a departure tax, what should you do when you reach the airport and when is the best time to travel to appreciate the beautiful weather in Mexico.

I would advise to always plan your airport transfers in advance, the majority of travel companies will usually include this in their package deals, but it is a good idea to double check and book before you go.

It is also a good idea to obtain your initial vacation spending money before traveling. At the present time it is advisable to exchange your currency for the Mexican Peso, although many places also still accept US dollars. There are cash points at the majority of hotels and resorts, but they will usually charge a fee for transactions and withdrawals.

Busy airport in Cancun

Arriving in Mexico

When you arrive at Cancun International Airport, you will have to pass through customs and collect your suitcases.

After this however, the best advice is to proceed straight outside the main doors to the coaches and airport transfers. When outside, your travel company will have representatives and coaches clearly highlighted.

The only reason I say this, is there are often many opportunist sales people within the airport terminal. They will often approach you, offer to carry your suitcases and show you the way to the coaches. For this service however (which is usually a five minute walk maximum) they will expect a substantial tip. You can avoid this situation by politely saying no and by making your way to the coaches yourself.

Hammocks on beach in Mexico

Health and Safety Advice

You may experience jet leg when you arrive on your Mexican holidays, depending on the location that you have traveled from and the relative time zones that you traveled through.

The best tip to avoid severe jet leg is to drink plenty of bottled water, keep yourself hydrated, take it easy and try to regulate your sleeping times.

If you do plan to drink water though make sure it is bottled water, because it is not advisable to drink tap water at all whilst on holiday in Mexico.

Many hotels now provide a advanced purified water system via their taps, but it is still safer to stick to tap water if possible.

Also be aware to check that ice cubes in your drinks and cocktails have not been produced from tap water.

One last tip to say, is try not to get sunburnt. The weather in Mexico is very hot. When relaxing on the beaches, apply sun cream at regular intervals and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Trust me I'm speaking from experience here, nothing spoils the first few days of your holiday more, than going bright red, and being in pain every time you move. Other than that though, have a fantastic vacation!

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