Mexico Time Zones

Three different time zones are present within the map of Mexico.

The variations stretch across the borderlines of the states and regions throughout the country.

The predominant Mexico time zone is the same as the United States central time. This variation is used within the majority of the map including in the capital (Mexico City).

If you're planning to travel to one of these regions from a European location then you will need to adjust to US central time. As a reference point, this zone is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Traveling through different time variations can often lead to jet lag.

Map of the regional time zones in Mexico

Northern Time Zone Variations

The second area covers the northern coastal areas and states, including Baja California Sur, Nayarit and Sinaloa. It is an hour behind the main time zone in Mexico. This zone is also therefore one hour behind central time in the US and seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

The third Mexico time zone is located in the northern areas of Baja California. This variation adheres to the same model as the Canadian and United States Pacific Time. It is two hours behind US Central Time and eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

There is also a difference with daylight saving time, for which at certain times of the year Mexico may be slightly behind the corresponding time variations in the United States.

Image of key time zones throughout the world

Potential Problems with Jet Lag

So if your flights are planned for the tourist hot spots of Riviera Maya and Cancun, you will be situated in the Central Mexico time zone.

It is unlikely that many US travellers will notice any substantial form of jet lag due to little or no difference in time.

However, jet lag could definitely be a factor for tourists embarking on their Mexican holidays from Europe.

Usually for outgoing flights from Europe, jet lag is relatively minimal and a mild experience because you gain time when traveling.

On the return flight however, time is lost on the journey back, so you are more likely to experience increased jet lag.

It is nothing to really worry about though, the best advice is to drink plenty
of bottled water to keep yourself hydrated at all times. It is also a good idea to try and regulate your sleeping patterns, you can do this in a number of small stages to reflect the variations in current time.

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