A Romantic Mexico Honeymoon

A Mexico Honeymoon offers couples an idyllic setting to to relax, unwind and reminisce about their big day. Mexico is a popular choice for couples looking
for a romantic destination with picturesque beaches and luxury resorts.

Just picture the setting for your dream vacation plans, sipping on an ice cold drink, sunbathing on the beautiful, serene beaches, looking out at the crystal clear water, sparkling blue sea.

There are many days, months and even years of planning involved with weddings these days and the honeymoon arrangements are often be forgotten or left to the last minute. The Mayan Riviera could be the perfect location to plan the Mexico honeymoon of your dreams.

Honeymoon setting in Mexico

Making Initial Plans

Planning your idyllic Mexico honeymoon can be a very enjoyable activity.
It all depends of course on which factors and amenities would make a perfect break for you. One of the main intentions of this website is to provide useful travel advice and to help people plan their ideal vacation.

I hope you will find useful information throughout the variety of pages
on the site to help you plan your dream trip in style.

A holiday in the Mayan Riviera offers the possibility of top quality hotels, stunning beaches, spa facilities and numerous attractions and excursions to explore. Snorkeling and scuba diving for example, is a great way to spend time together as you explore the fascinating marine life.

If you want peace and quite there are adult only resorts, but there are also many family orientated hotels if you would rather a more varied atmosphere.

Sunloungers on the beach in Mexico

Planning Your Budget

One of the best things about a vacation in Riviera Maya is the price. Now I'm not saying it's cheap, but compared to similar beach resort destinations these days, it is cheaper. The best thing to do to start with is decide upon your relevant budget and then begin to narrow down your available options.

You may wish to think about where you would liked to be located.

For example, would you like to base your trip in one of the coastal areas of Tulum, Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or Cancun?

You might also find it useful to compile a list of your top three resorts, and then compare the individual hotel features and amenities.

The good thing about the hotels in the Mayan Riviera is that is there inspiring location, based directly on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. This means that even if your budget is stretched you can still find a good deal but in a great location within yards of the sea.

If you have a slightly bigger budget, there are a variety of fantastic five star resorts and a selection of luxury hotels that will definitely not disappoint.

Honeymoon Location in Riviera Maya

The Weather and Climate

The Climate and nature of the weather is one of the key considerations when booking a Mexico honeymoon. The weather is generally fantastic here with long hours of sunshine and enviable climate conditions.

The hottest time of the year in the Mayan Riviera is normally around mid August to October. This is also the typical hurricane season though. As with any Caribbean destination there is always a slight risk of hurricanes.

With this in mind, many couples plan their trip during the slightly cooler months of winter, spring and early summer. If you do intend to travel during August to October then it is advisable to check local weather reports and current advice when you decide to book your vacation.

Sunset at pool in Mexico

Honeymoon Photographs

If you're planning your upcoming Mexico Honeymoon, then remember to pack your camera for those all important vacation photographs. When you get back home you could soon be impressing your family and friends with beautiful, luxury photographs and videos of your holiday of a lifetime!

The majority of hotels and resorts are usually only too happy to help when it comes to planning your dream vacation plans.

Everyone seems to go out of their way to be welcoming and hospitable.

I would take advantage of any luxury options or freebies that may come your way. Whether it is a free room upgrade, complimentary drinks at the bar, the best table in the restaurant or even a seat upgrade on your flights.

One thing that we have noticed in the Mayan Riviera, is the increasing number of weddings that are regularly taking place.

Many hotels in the region cater for personalised wedding preparations. If you like the idea of getting married on the idyllic, sun soaked beaches of Mexico, then it may well be worth considering this as a location for the big day itself.

If you approach your plans in the right frame of mind you can create a fantastic and truly memorable romantic experience that you will both always remember. When you think about it, the factor that will ultimately create your dream Mexico honeymoon, is you.

If you would like to explore further, you may enjoy looking at the attractions, resorts and location articles throughout the other pages on this site.

Sunset in the Caribbean
Honeymoon in Riviera Maya

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