Mexico Food, Ingredients & Flavour

Mexico food and cultural dishes are traditionally formed
with either corn, beans or rice.

Spices and peppers are also important ingredients in Mexican cooking.
The rich diversity in flavour and texture of Mexican food offers a unique
and scintillating taste experience.

The diet of the early Maya civilization consisted of corn based food with
a selection of whichever local vegetables, spices, herbs and chilies that
were regularly available.

After the Spanish expedition arrived in the country they began to include
a greater variety of animals and fish to the average diet as well as the introduction of rice. Today the fusion of these two great cultures combine
to create some inspiring and delicious Mexican dishes.

Mexico Food

Our Favourite Mexican Food Combinations

A traditional Mexico food main course could consist of a variety of ingredients ranging from Albondigas (Mexican meatballs) to Chapulines. Chapulines are otherwise know as seasoned grasshoppers (yes, you did read that correctly).

The most common food that people would probably associate with though is the taco and tortilla.

If you're felling adventurous though why not try a selection of Mexican dishes, you never know you might just end up loving the toasted grasshoppers.

We have enjoyed eating many selections of dishes on our vacations in Mexico, and it is very difficult to pick a favourite.

After many discussing though I decided upon our favourite selections for an enjoyable three course meal. Pumpkin soup makes a great starter or black bean soup is a good alternative. A selection of tortillas or traditional tamales are perfect for your main. Follow this with a delicious Mexican flan or arroz con leche (rice with milk and sugar).

A typical Mexican dish

The Origins of Popular Mexico Food

In the Riviera Maya hotels and resorts that we have stayed in, there has always been a plentiful supply of quality Mexican food. The majority of the hotels in this region are all-inclusive based and have a variety of good buffet options and specialty restaurants.

In my experience there is always a Mexican section in the buffet restaurants often with the chef cooking to your order. If you add to this the excellent Mexican specialty restaurants on offer, then you will have every opportunity to sample the delights of traditional Mexican cooking on your holiday.

Mexico food is often dictated by the region in which it is served and its origins from the local surroundings. The dishes will usually vary depending upon the cultural influences, within a specific region. For example in the South of Mexico you are likely to come across a large proportion of chicken and spicy vegetable based dished.

In the north however beef and meat based selections are more commonly available. Within the more remote areas and small villages, the ancient Maya and Aztec traditions are more apparent and unusual combinations of insects are often eaten.

Mexican Food Meal

My Attempt at Mexican Cooking

Due to the increasing popularity of Mexico food, it is now easier than ever to sample the delights of Mexican dishes and Mexican cooking in other countries.

In the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for example, there are many themed dishes on offer.

I tried a spot of Mexican cooking at home recently, if I'm honest it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped and my wife's face was a picture.

Why not try to cook some traditional recipes yourself though, I'm sure it will turn out better than my initial efforts.

In the United States there is style of food known as Tex-Mex.

This type of food is often based on traditional dishes but with a twist. A different range of ingredients are often used and combined with a different way of cooking. The result is a fusion and combination of US and Mexican cooking. Similar examples of these combinations of cultural cooking can be found throughout the world. This is what makes trying new food so exciting.

So the next time you decide to visit a Mexican restaurant, be sure to look out for those grasshoppers on the menu. Remember to study your Spanish phrase book and impress the waiter with your pronunciation.

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