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The national monetary form in Mexico is known as the Mexican Peso.

For many years however, a variety of shops, bars, restaurants and resorts have also regularly accepted the US Dollar for payments.

The fact that the US dollar has regularly been accepted as Mexico currency has often been seen as an advantage for people traveling from the United States. Many people often just assumed that converting their money into pesos was just an extra unnecessary thing to do.

Due to revised legislation however, if you plan to pay for goods and services in cash, then it is now advisable to convert your vacation spending money. From my understanding you will still be able to pay for products in many places with US money but there could be a limit set on conversion amounts.

With this in mind, the best advice would be to convert any required spending money into pesos and use those instead when traveling to Mexico.

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Which monetary form should you take to Mexico though if you are traveling from a European location?

The advice on this question has always been fairly mixed and is definitely open to interpretation. Over the years many people have taken a selection of currency in both pesos and dollars. But I would have to say that the Mexican Peso is now definitely the best option.

After all you are traveling to Mexico and not the US, so surely it would be more logical to take the national currency form.

When you pay for goods and products in shops you will often be given the change in pesos anyway regardless of the monetary form that you use to pay with in the first place. Some people would argue that you can receive a better exchange Rate and value for money when using the national Mexico currency.

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Using your Credit Card on Vacation

Many people opt to only take small amounts of Mexico currency and instead use their credit or debit card for the majority of transactions. This can be a good way to do things, if you're staying in an all-inclusive resort for example,
it is possible that you will only require limited funds for your vacation plans.

If you plan to do this it is well worth checking with your credit or debit card issuer prior to travel.

It is a good idea to double check that your card is cleared for use in other countries.

One thing to also keep in mind, is to keep some spare change to one side for tips here and there.

Tipping is expected for the majority of services in Cancun and Riviera Maya, usually only very small amounts, but it is a good idea to keep a selection of change by to tip for service. In the United States tipping is common but in the UK for example, tipping is usually only reserved for restaurants and taxi services. It can therefore be a bit of a culture shock at first, when you seem to be expected to to offer a tip for almost everything.

If you are traveling from international destinations remember to also keep
some cash by for the Mexico Departure Tax.

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