Mexico Culture and Mexican People

Mexico culture offers an insight into the fascinating combination of traditional characteristics and historical influences of the past.

From my experience, I would describe the general character of Mexican people as kind, welcoming and hospitable.

The people that I have encountered seem to showcase a strong sense of ethics, whilst always displaying a good natured, community based persona. It appears that a variety of customs and traditions from the early origins of Mexican history, have had an undoubted effect on the progression and development of cultural habits.

Spanish is the most frequently used language within Mexico culture, however it is estimated that over sixty two different languages are currently spoken by community based groups in the country.

Many of the languages originate from the ancient civilizations, with influences from the Toltecs, Zapotecs and Olmecs, alongside the Mayans and Aztecs. The Mayan people continue to contribute significantly to the form and structure of the country today. Due to the amount of languages currently spoken, Mexico is rated as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Woman wearing traditional dress in Mexico Culture

Everyday Life in Mexico

From my observations and understanding of culture in the country, I would suggest that there are two major differences in the life of Mexican people in the modern world.

The major cities for example are highly populated and follow similar patterns and trends to those in the United States. In Mexico City you will come across
a busy, energetic lifestyle, people are likely to work in a variety of office environments and often hold business or industrial based jobs.

In vast contrast to this, is life in the remote villages and towns. It is common in this rustic environment for small communities to inhabit isolated areas away from the main society. These groups of people tend to live by their own cultural influences and old age Mexican traditions. Life here is simple, communities often grow their own crops and cook a range of traditionally produced recipes.

Mexican man creating traditional recipe

Art, Crafts and Traditional Music

Mexican people are generally renowned for their creative and artistic culture.
If you travel to any of the main tourist attractions or landmarks in the country you may come across colourful clay pottery and embroidery.

These materials are usually handmade and unique to the specific region or person who made them.

The craft of Mexican artists have evolved from the ancient civilizations and their initial stone carvings.

The colourful patterns and embroidery in traditional forms of Mexican clothing are a good example of the creative and artistic talent.

Music has always had an important place within traditional Mexico culture. A variety of musical forms are very popular with Mexican people today. Mexican fiestas and festivals are usually bright and colourful musical events. There is a vast variety of different musical genres on offer, ranging from Banda to modern rock and electronic.

Banda music was originally played during the 1800's and developed further during the Mexican Revolution. This military based music still has a place within in Mexico culture today though. There is also a long held tradition for classical music dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries in Mexico Culture. Many famous Latin American artists have found an appreciative audience in the country where their music has been greatly received.

Mexican Town

The Roots of Mexican Culture

The remains of Aztec and Mayan architecture is evident in various locations throughout the landscape of the country.

We can learn about the development of Mexico culture by studying its roots in the ancient pyramids and architectural remains. The early civilizations built inspirational and majestic cities.

Many of those cities still remain in some form, for example mayan ruin sites are in plentiful supply within the locations of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula. Archeologists work to excavate and uncover new information about the historical significance at these mysterious Mayan sites.

Spanish influences brought a more colonial style to dominate the surroundings and buildings over time. Even today the style of architecture displays a hint to the past, it combines with a range of factors to form a unique cultural identity.

Mexican Culture

Festivals, Sport and Celebrations

Mexican people seem to really know how to enjoy themselves. Celebratory events and popular cultural festivals provide a community orientated foundation for many people throughout the country.

Religious celebrations are common, colourful parades and crowded activities occur throughout Easter and Christmas time in Mexico.

'Cinco De Mayo' and The 'Day of the Dead' are important festival based events in the calendar of every home.

Another example of a popular celebratory event in Mexico culture is the passionate support for local and national sports teams.

Sport traditionally play an important role in the affections of many Mexican people. The Mexican Soccer League, professional wrestling, baseball and motor racing seem to be the most popular. These celebratory events, provide an indication into the common characteristics shared by people throughout the country.

Many Mexican people work long hours and in some cases they will often earn very low money, but they still seem to be uniquely happy and content. This is a great quality to have and something we can all aspire to learn from.

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