Mexican Weather and Climate

Mexican weather conditions can vary considerably throughout the country. Coastal climates in the South offer a notable contrast to the high intensity elevated regions in the North.

Conditions in the popular holiday locations of Cancun and Riviera Maya are generally hot throughout the year, with a focus on high temperatures and multiple hours of bright, stunning sunshine.

However if you decide to travel during the peak months of the hurricane season then you run the risk of being effected by potential storms.

This can have unfortunate consequences for your vacation experience.
After all there is not much point in traveling to enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches if the coastline ends up being hit by adverse Mexican weather.

Sunset in Mexico

The Rainy Season in Mexico

The rainy season normally effects the climatic conditions during the months
of May to September. The hurricane season falls between June to November, but the peak months are between September and October.

Mexican people welcome and often look forward to the rainy season. At this time of year due to the changing conditions, vegetation begins to grow.
The climate provides an opportunity for a variety of people in the country
to develop gardens and cultivate crops.

Many people choose to travel on holiday during this period. The rainy season in particular is not usually a major cause for concern. With everything in life of course there is always a risk and at times even the scorching hot climate and weather in the country do get hit by adverse conditions.

Traditional Mexican House with Garden

Climatic Effect on Widlife

The Mexican weather and climatic conditions are an important factor to the livelihood and survival of a widespread array of wildlife in the country.

Mexico is home to a diverse range of enchanting animals that depend on the warm climatic conditions. For example iguanas thrive in the warm heat and humidity provided by the Mexican climate.

It is common to see iguanas gazing upwards towards the bright sunshine in what could almost be an act of appreciation for the hot and humid weather.

Other species of wildlife migrate to the country for the climate. For example, many species of birds migrate from the US and Canada at certain times of the year to flourish in the warmer conditions on offer.

Iguana Enjoying the Mexican Weather

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