Mexican Traditions and Customs

Mexican traditions act as an important everyday element of family life for many communities throughout the country. A broad range of historical and ancestral customs are still practiced within modern Mexican culture.

The map of Mexico is varied and diverse. For example, energetic, busy day to day life in Mexico City is distinctly different to the slow-paced relaxed lifestyle in the remote Mayan villages.

In the villages, many people still base their day to day life around the cultural traditions passed on by the early Mayan and Aztec communities. A wide variety of traditional languages are still used throughout the landscape of these remote villages. You may come across Nahuatl, Zapotec and Totanac languages in many parts of the country.

In the large cities however Mexican culture and daily life resembles more closely to the modern practice and structure that can be found within locations like the United States of America, Canada and Europe.

Traditional Music in a remote Mexican Villag

The Spanish Influence

The subject of Religion and family orientated festivals are two of the key areas of focus within current Mexican traditions.

In Mexico culture, the family is paramount. Communities place great emphasis on keeping the family close at all times, social interaction is an important attribute. It is common for many members of the family to live together in the same household. Meal times, social gatherings and traditional Mexican festivals are considered to be very important times for the average family to enjoy.

When the Spanish expedition arrived in the history of Mexico, they brought with them the practice of the Roman Catholic faith. Religion is held in high regard by the people today, many festivals and traditions are based upon strongly developed religious beliefs. The Mexican Day of the Dead for example, is considered as a significant event in the diary for everyone throughout the country. Easter and Christmas are very important times of the year.

Traditional Craft Making in Mexic

Traditional Festival Celebrations

Taking the time to enjoy Mexican traditions and festival celebrations
(like Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day) is considered to be
a priority for community groups.

Mexican people generally work very hard, however it is also common that the main festivals and fiestas are considered to be more important than work.

There are many National holidays in Mexico.

Frequent events throughout the year include colourful parades, parties, dancing and fireworks.

The colourful Pinata celebrations are always
very popular with the children in Mexico.

The Piniata is normally made from paper mache and formed in the shape of an animal (the donkey is always a popular choice). The Pinata is filled with sweets and small toys and then hung up. Children then take it in turns to hit the Pinata with a stick,
until it breaks and all the sweets and toys begin to fall out.

Although many different influences have combined within the progression
of history throughout the country, it is really inspiring to see that such
a wide variety of iconic Mexican traditions and customs are still very much
part of cultural life today.

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