Mexican Sports, Past and Present

Successful Mexican sports teams are held in high regard by many communities throughout the country. Individual athletes and notable sportsmen and women are also afforded considerable acclaim.

There is an enviable notion of honour associated with successful sporting achievements throughout the landscape of modern day Mexico.

Sports enthusiasts would happily watch coverage of their favourite teams all day long if they could. It is common for Mexican people to group together to watch big games on television with their friends and family.

As a general rule, if a sports star with origins or cultural links to Mexico becomes increasingly successful and competitive, then their relevant sport will become significantly more prominent and widely watched within the country.

A good example of this is in the sport of motor racing, where for the the first time in over 30 years a Mexican driver now regularly competes in the Formula One Championship. The National Baseball League and competitive Soccer Leagues are generally the most eagerly anticipated and nationally watched sporting events in Mexico.

The professional baseball league has a large following. Sports fans can enjoy both summer and winter competitions. Many Mexican baseball stars have also played in the US Major League formats.

Mexican Baseball Player

The Mexican Soccer League is always highly competitive.

When you watch the games you can really appreciate the enthusiasm and passion in which the sport is played. Football coverage (or soccer, depending on which side of the pond you are from) from England, Germany and Spain is also very popular amongst a wide variety of Mexican sports fans.

Mexican athletes have been competing in the Olympic Games since 1900 and they actually hosted the games in 1968.

The most successful disciplines for the competitors are traditionally boxing, athletics and equestrian activities. In fact, Mexican people are particularly successful in boxing, the country has produced a many boxing champions over the years.

Mexican wrestling is an enjoyable, entertainment based sport. Crowds flock to stadiums throughout the country to enjoy the unique form of theatre and drama provided by this explosive form of wrestling.

Mexican Soccer

The practice of sport in Mexico dates back a long time. The remains of many Mesoamerican ball courts can be found throughout Mayan archeological sites in the Yucatan Peninsula and Quintana Roo.

The aim of the Mesoamerican ball game (which was played in teams) was to throw a heavy rubber ball through stone rings placed high up on the walls.

When you see the sheer size and scale of the courts you can appreciate the perspective of how difficult if not impossible it would have been to successfully compete in this early Mexican sports game.

If you visit Riviera Maya on vacation, you could take the opportunity to find out more information about the past and present of competitive sport in Mexico. You could visit the iconic Mesoamerican ball court in Chichen Itza. There is also a couple of impressive courts at the Coba archaeological site that you may enjoy exploring.

If you're in town when there is a big game on in the Primera Division Soccer League or even in during the Baseball Season then you could try and get tickets for one of the large capacity Mexican sports stadiums. There is nothing quite like the live atmosphere, at these passionately supported games.

Then again, you could always just watch the game and enjoy an ice-cold drink in the relaxation and comfort of your resort sports bar.

Traditional Mesoamerican Ball Court

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