Mexican Soccer League -
The Primera Division

The Mexican Soccer League has been subject to many transformations and changes over the years. The formation of the first professional soccer league in Mexico commenced in 1943. The original league was made up of ten teams including Guadalajara, Moctezuma and Veracruz Sporting Club.

The Soccer League (or football league, as it would be known in the UK) has become increasingly stronger and competitive.

The quality and standard of Primera Division games has increased and the League's popularity also seems to go from strength to strength amongst sports fans in Mexico.

The leading teams are supported with pride and passion by their loyal supporters and the league games are usually played out to a fiery, highly charged atmosphere.

The influx of high-end television broadcasting has been an important factor in the progression of the game. Live Mexican Soccer League games are now watched by far reaching audiences throughout the country.

Overhead view of soccer pitch

Structure of the Soccer Season in Mexico

In previous seasons teams would have been split into three groups. The teams are now placed together though, with the top eight qualifying for the next stage of the competition.

When the Mexican Soccer season ends, the top eight teams progress to the competitive stages of the La Liguilla knock-out tournament.

The leading teams then compete in a series of quarter finals, followed by semi finals and ultimately the main final in which the triumphant team will be crowned as champions (Campeones) for the year.

At the other end of the Primera Division table there is the impending threat of relegation. Being relegated is a constant worry for club owners, managers, players and fans. At the end of the Soccer season the bottom team in the league will be relegated to be replaced by a promoted team from the lower league structure.

Close-up view of ball in Soccer Game

The World Cup in Mexico

Mexico hosted the World Cup on two occasions (in 1970 and 1986).

After hosting the World Cup in 1970, the league format attained further attention and appreciation amongst sports fans in the country. For many professional players it is the ultimate achievement to progress from the Club League and go onto to star for their country at the World Cup.

To achieve sporting success when the World Cup is hosted in your own country is even more special.

Fans and players alike will generally refer to their previous World Cup experience with a great sense of honour and pride.

Mexican people also enjoy watching soccer coverage from other countries including the 'Premier League' in England, 'The MLS' in the United States and 'La Liga' in Spain. It is common for fans in the country to follow sporting teams from other countries as well as their favourite team from back home.

Watching or participating in soccer is a popular pastime for youngsters and adults throughout Mexico. You may encounter the Mexican Soccer League when on holiday in Riviera Maya. The games are generally shown on TV and in sports bars in all the hotels.

Goal in the Primera Division

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