Mexican Religion Overview

Mexican religion is an important aspect of daily life
for many people throughout the country.

The most prominent religion in Mexico is the Roman Catholic faith.
Religious beliefs are generally revered with a sense of pride and are
highly-regarded by local communities.

It is common for example to see a variety of religious imagery and
iconography as you travel around the map of Mexico.

There are thousands of Churches here and a high percentage of
Mexican people attend weekly Mass at their local Chapels. The importance
of religion is particularly apparent at Easter and at Christmas. At these
times a variety of traditional festivals and customs take place.

Iconic Church in Mexico

The Basillica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexico is home to the famous religious landmark of the Basillica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It is believed that in 1531, the Lady of Guadalupe appeared to a man named Juan Diego. The man was asked to build a church in the exact location of the vision. The man then tried to convince his parish bishop but was asked to provide proof of his vision.

Juan Diego consequently returned and was greeted again by another visit from the Lady. This time he cut some flowers and took them to back to the bishop. However when he presented the flowers to the bishop they transformed into an image of the Lady of Guadalupe.

The church was built in the location of the vision. Today the church stands north of Mexico City and is a source of inspiration and importance for many religious people. The church is one of the most visited pilgrimage locations in the world. A wide variety of people travel every year to visit this important Mexican religion landmark.

Chirch Tower at nighttime in Mexic

Classification of Religion in Mexico

Although the majority of Mexican people practice the Roman Catholic faith,
it is not recognised as an official Mexican religion.

Many countries choose to align themselves with a specific faith however there is no official religion in Mexico. Some communities and small groups of people have combined a collection of their traditional cultural beliefs with their understanding and practice of Christianity.

The religious beliefs of Christianity and the Roman Catholic faith however have dominated the country for many years now. This form of religion was initially introduced with the arrival of the Spanish Expeditions and Hernan Cortez in the history of Mexico.

It seems that the Catholic faith has grown increasingly stronger within the culture ever since, and it is likely to continue doing so for many years to come.

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