The Mexican Pinata

The Mexican pinata is a popular feature of community festivals throughout the country.

Children usually take it in turns to hit the item with a stick until it breaks to reveal a variety of sweets and small toys.

The Mexican pinata has a notable history and association with cultural religious beliefs. The traditional versions were shaped in the form of a star. It is common today for the item to be represented in a variety of different shapes and sizes ranging from animals to popular cartoon characters.

It is thought that amongst many, the battle to unearth the sweets from the pinata is representational to the battle to overcome sin. Once the sweets fall, then faith has prevailed. The traditional form of the star shaped version is still a key part of celebrations and festivities during Christmas time in Mexico.

Colourful Variations of the Mexican Pinata

The original pinatas were produced from clay. However there are of course a variety of health and safety dangers associated with children hitting and braking clay structures. Therefore modern day versions are usually produced from cardboard and paper mache.

The use of the Mexican pinata in birthday parties and celebrations is not only popular throughout the country, but is now a common activity in many places throughout the world. The effect of this notable effect in supply and demand, is the range and vast variety of character representations and colourful pinata creations which are now produced.

You can buy the item in the form of many current film, television and cartoon characters. The shape of native animals for the form is also a popular choice within Mexico culture today.

Mexican Pinata

Traditional Significance of the Pinata

The traditional religious meaning associated with the form of the pinata is not usually referenced by many people throughout the world.

Many Mexican people however, still continue to practice and teach their interpretation of the original meaning and ideology.

For the most part, the actual interaction and gameplay with the Mexican pinata is the same as it always was.

Children will gather round and take it in turns to try and hit the item with a stick.

When it is their turn, the child will be bind-folded and spun round in order to make it harder to locate and hit the product.

Some sweets may fall gradually out of the pinata when struck, however when it is completely broken it will release a variety of sweets and perhaps even a small toy and selection of prizes.

The successful child will then claim the treats and surprises. Within some cultures the sweets may be evenly distributed amongst the children to ensure that everybody is happy.

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