Mexican Food History

The progression of Mexican food history can be traced from a variety of cultural backgrounds throughout Latin America. The influence of the early civilizations and traditional Spanish cooking techniques have all contributed to the type of Mexican cooking that we enjoy today.

The beginnings of agriculture and cultivation were an important stage of development in Mexican food history. Meals at the time would be made from whichever ingredients could be locally produced, sourced and cultivated.

Before the early Mesoamerican Civilizations began the progression to cultivate crops, the most common source of food in the country would have been obtained from hunting. The ingredients for most custom recipes are formulated from corn, beans and rice with an added selection of herbs and spices.

Crops growing on field in Mexico

Cultivation and Hunting

The production of food plays an important role within communities throughout the country. A fusion of sources and the use of ingredients has changed considerably throughout time, however many popular traditions and cooking techniques still remain the same.

Once the early groups began to cultivate crops, they also obtained the ability to be self sufficient and the chance to settle in one place.

As small villages became established the plentiful supply of crops and plants were often supplemented with food from hunting. The combination of food from growing crops and hunting created a sustainable source of ingredients.

The reason that the rise of agriculture and cultivation was so important within Mexican food history is because it gave the early cultures the base to develop and advance.

The small villages would grow over time into towns and cities, traditions and culture would be formed. Due in part to the advancements in cultivation and hunting, the great Maya civilization and the Aztecs would later develop.

Mexican Chilli Plant

Ingredients and Diet

The extensive supply and widespread availability of Maize was an important factor for the early Mesoamerican Civilizations. Maize would have been used in the production of a variety of popular meals.

Squash was another plentifully available crop along with guavas, chilli peppers and agave. A variety of recipes could be produced from this supply
of ingredients. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they brought an array of cultural influences to the already existing identity of food.

The introduction of rice to the national diet added a new dimension and new flavour to the recipes. Mexican food history is formulated from a rich fusion
of cultural influences and ingredients.

It has taken many years and many influences to generate the kind of dishes that are readily enjoyed by so many people today.

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