Mexican Food, Culture and Flavour

The fusion of Mexican food culture and the formation of traditional Mexican recipes originate from a variety of historical sources.

The rich flavour and scintillating taste and texture of the food is due to the careful application of quality ingredients and the implementation of good cooking techniques.

If you're planning to visit Riviera Maya on holiday then you may come across
a varied selection of traditionally prepared dishes.

The type of food that is enjoyed by so many people today however contains
an interesting insight into the development of Mexico culture.

High quality Mexican cooking will often consist of a combination of cultural recipes and traditionally sourced ingredients, alongside a modern twist of new ideas and modern cooking methods.

Mexican Cookin

The Origins of Mexican Food Culture

If you analysed a selection of traditionally produced recipes, it is possible to highlight and identify a layering effect of historical influences.

The early Mayan population for example had a diet consisting of hunted animals and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The widely available variety of corn and beans were an important part of most meals in Mayan history.

The availability of locally sourced ingredients would have been a key factor within the culture and choice of settlement for the
early civilizations.

If hunting trips were not successful there would still be a necessary supply of corn and vegetables for the local people to survive.

Today of course it is possible to locate ingredients and have them shipped to almost every country in the world and certainly every region within the map of Mexico. However despite the obvious improvement in transportation links, it is still common for many of the originally sourced ingredients to be used within modern Mexican cooking today.

Mexican Food Dish

The Fusion of Cooking Styles

The initial arrival of Hernan Cortez and the Spanish expeditions in the 16th century had a long lasting effect on the development of Mexican food culture.

When Hernan Cortez arrived in the country he began to introduce a wide variety of new ideas, modern methods and cultural traditions.

Within the layering effect of food production, the considerable influence of Spanish culture and customs are clearly evident for all to see.

The ingredients of rice, wheat and varied spices alongside the introduction
of a selection of meats including beef, lamb and pork were all
notable additions to the range of food variety.

So when you really examine the foundations of traditional Mexican recipes and the reasons that specific ingredients were used, the layers of past culture and history begin to unravel. It is the fusion and expertly crafted combination of ingredients that combine to produce the unique flavour and delicious texture of Mexican food today.

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