Mexican Festivals

Mexican festivals are a time to celebrate important community events within Mexico culture. The events are often lively and colourful affairs and are generally a time to appreciate proud historical achievements.

Religious beliefs are also paramount to many of the key events, people usually gather with their family and friends for the unique form of celebrations.

The 16th September marks an important date in the calendar, and is a good example of one of the regular festivals that are celebrated within the country.

The National flag is proudly waved on 16th September every year as Mexican people celebrate independence from Spain. It is common to see extravagant decorations and detailed drama re-inactments of the original event on this day.

Mexican Festival of Independence

The Mexican Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a popular festival in Mexico and occurs on the 1st and 2nd of November each year.

During this time, people gather to pray together for deceased family members and loved ones. The festival coincides with All Saints Day which is a Catholic based holiday. The Catholic faith is the main religion practiced in the country.

The people in Mexico have a unique way to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Parties are common, sugar skulls are produced and a variety of playful decorations are made. It is also a Mexican tradition to build decorative altars in honour of deceased family members.

Mexican Festival Re-inactment

The Cinco de Mayo Festival

Cinco de Mayo represents a proud celebratory event from Mexican history.
The festival is based on a significant historical milestone, in which a depleted Mexican army were victorious in a dramatic battle with France.

The army were heavily outnumbered, and appeared to be in a very vulnerable position up against the mighty French in the time of Napoleon the third.

However the soldiers thought bravely and employed intelligent tactics to defeat the French.

This victorious event is re-inacted in an elaborate celebration each year on the 5th May.

Many religious Mexican festivals also take place during Christmas and Easter time in the country. It is common for people to dress-up in elaborate homemade costumes and re-inact substantial past events.

The people seem to really enjoy the community feel of the festivals, they offer an opportunity for families to get involved and come together in union to enjoy the traditional celebratory events.

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