Mexican Drinks

Mexican drinks include a variety of of regional specialities and widely available delicacies. The most famous drink in the country however just has to be Tequilla.

Tequila is often consumed as a straight drink by many Mexican people. In other countries though, Tequila is also presented as a shot.

The 'Tequila Slammer' is served with salt and lime, traditionally the drinker will lick the salt, drink the shot and then bite the lime. This process is often practiced by a group of people simultaneously.

Tequila is usually produced in the city of Tequila located in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The traditional drink is created from the blue agave plant which grows in plentiful supply in this part of the map of Mexico. Variations of the Tequila drink can be produced with 100% blue agave or with the combination of 51% blue agave and a supplement of added sugars. A typically produced bottle of Mexican Tequila may contain between 38 to 40% alcohol content.

Caribbean Cocktails in Mexico

If you stay in one of the Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resorts, you will no doubt come across many appetizing and appealing Mexican Cocktails.

In some resorts these delicious cocktail combinations are included as part of your all-inclusive package. Throughout your holiday you could even work your way through the entire drinks list and cocktail menu.

The Margarita is one of the most popular Mexican drinks. The drink is produced with a combination of fresh juices and Tequila. The usual cocktail combination's of Pina-Colada, Strawberry Daiquiris and Cosmopolitans are all readily available in the majority of All Inclusive hotels and tourist hot-spots.

Other popular cocktails in this region include the Cinco De Mayo (tequila, grenadine and lime) and the Chihuahua (tequila and grapefruit).

Cocktail Glass by the Poo

Mexican Beer and Wine

A list of widely consumed Mexican drinks would never be complete without the mention of Mexican beer.

Beer has been produced in Mexico for a long time and is an important export product for the country.

When ordering the drink, be sure to ask for a cerveza (which is the Spanish translation for beer). Many people enjoy sunbathing on the beach with an ice-cold cerveza to cool you down.

Mexico wine making dates back to as early as the 16th century, when the Spanish arrived. Today there are significant taxes involved with the production of Mexican wine which means it is difficult to compete with larger companies from overseas. The quantity of wine production is rising however and some companies in particular have produced an array of excellent wines in Mexico.

A Caribbean Cocktai

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