Mexican Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular and prominent sports throughout Mexico. The main Mexican Baseball League is played out during the summer months. If you're on vacation here, during the summer season you may be lucky enough to catch coverage of this competitively contested sport.

There are also three minor leagues however, with games being played at various times throughout the year. Therefore during the course of the winter there will still be a good supply of games for the majority of people to watch throughout the country.

The quality and competitive nature of the national team also creates the notion of pride amongst many Mexican people. The national team have successfully competed against a variety of other high-profile countries in famous international tournaments.

Mexican Baseball Glove

Mexican League Baseball

Mexican League Baseball was originally introduced in 1925. The league format has undergone many changes and adjustments over the years. The league has been subject to financial limitations in the past but now seems to be in a strong and positive position.

The league is classified and considered to be a minor league in baseball terms. It is therefore one place lower than the the Major League in the US.

The teams in the league are generally divided into two groups for the first part of the season.

The groups are typically based on the geographical locations of the teams within the map of Mexico. Therefore there will be one North division and one South.

During the second part of the Mexican Baseball Season, the top rated team in each of the North and South divisions will meet for a seven game series to decide the overall champions. Many players have gone on to star in the US Major League after originally starting out in the Mexican League. This creates a renewed interest for the people in terms of following their favourite sports stars as they progress throughout their careers.

Watching the broadcast of US baseball is a very popular activity within the country anyway, but the fact that there may be a representation of Mexican players in the team, helps to create an added attraction and varied source of interest in the games.

Mexican League Baseball Game

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