Mayan Architecture in Mexico

Mayan architecture has a distinct and easily identifiable style. Historical secrets form the past are often depicted and mysteriously represented in the stonework of the remaining ruins and structures.

The ancient Maya civilization contributed significantly to the progression of history throughout Central and Southern America. From the monumental Mayan architecture and buildings, to creative art and pottery and the development of the Mesoamerican calendar. There is definitely a remaining legacy that the existing population can be very proud of.

The central landmarks where usually constructed and situated within the centre of the ancient cities. The formation of the consistent developments would be built around the iconic pyramids. The foundations for the day to day life within the communities were generally located around the imposing structures.

There are many remaining archaeological sites located within the areas of the Yucatan Peninsula and Quintana Roo on the map of Mexico.

Mayan Architecture in the Yucatan Peninsula

The Archaeological Remains

Mayan architecture seems to have been generally built around the natural features in each location. Cities would have been located close to known trade routes and available water supplies. Some famous sites such as the Tulum ruins are set in dramatic settings overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The pyramids and remaining architectural structures in Mexico are now regularly visited by travellers and have become popular tourist attractions.

Many tourists take time out from sunbathing on their sun-soaked vacations to explore the cultural advancements and spectacular achievements of Mexican history.

The sites at Chichen Itza, Coba, Muyil and Tulum for example are frequently visited historical attractions. The impressive structures and architecture built by the early civilization is still very well preserved.

Part of the reason for this is the frequent rebuilding that took place in early Mayan culture. It is thought that many archaeological sites are yet to be fully documented and explored.

Architecture at Chichen Itza

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