Facts About Mexico

Mexico is the fourteenth largest country in the world. The geographical statistics of the land are a valuable source for unearthing a wide variety of useful Mexican facts.

The most prominent language in the country is Spanish. In fact Mexico has the largest Spanish speaking population in the world. Around most Riviera Maya Resorts, the staff that you encounter will usually speak some form of English, however they obviously appreciate it if you try to communicate in Spanish.

The map of Mexico is situated in North America, although its location is often classified by many people as being in Central America. Mexico borders the state of Texas (in the United Sates of America) in the North and the countries of Guatemala and Belize in the South.

The Mexico Map

The national currency in the country is the Mexican Peso. Many shops are also likely to accept payment for goods in US Dollars. This can be inconvenient for businesses though. It is also common to receive change back in the form of Mexican Pesos even after initially paying with US Dollars.

Mexico is a very religious country. The predominant religion is the Roman Catholic faith.

It is estimated that between 80 to 90 percent of the population practices the Roman Catholic faith.

This is a very big percentage compared to other countries where there are multiple faiths or people who practice no faith at all.

The seasons of Christmas and Easter usually feature a variety of festive celebrations and are considered to be very important times for many communities.

The Mexican flag features three vertical stripes of green, white and red with the national emblem in the middle of the white stripe. The meanings behind the coat of arms date back to an ancient legend from Aztec history.

Mexico Flag

Travel and Tourism

Mexico has been regularly voted within the top ten holiday destinations in the world. I would personally place Riviera Maya at number one in the list, however maybe I'm a little biased.

One of the facts about Mexico which I discovered on my first visit, is that it is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; the iconic site of Chichen Itza. There are many mysterious pyramids and fascinating Mayan ruins sites to explore throughout the country.

The increasing popularity of travel and tourism in Mexico is due to a variety of reasons. The combination of the impressive range of attractions, historical landmarks, fantastic weather and the stunning selection of beaches offer an enviable list of vacation features.

Traditional Plates

Sporting Facts

Mexican people are very passionate about sport and very proud of their athletes who often reach advanced levels with limited funding behind them.

Popular sports range from the Mexican Soccer League and the national Baseball League to the controversial subject of bull fighting which is still practiced within many locations in Mexico.

An interesting Mexican fact regarding sporting achievements is that the country has twice hosted the World Cup in 1986 and 1970.

The international football coverage is often staggered on television, so there is almost always a game for sports fans to enjoy.

In 1968, Mexico hosted the Olympic Games, they were the first Spanish speaking country to do so. Mexico one three gold medals, three silver and three bronze. The games are also remembered for the quality and production of the implemented design and advertising campaign. The creation of the logo and surrounding graphics is still considered to be one of the best Olympic identities ever produced.

Olympics Track

Facts about Biodiversity and Wildlife

One of the most impressive facts about Mexico is the extensive range of wildlife and widespread extent of biodiversity within the country.

Biodiversity is basically the measure of different species within a specific area or eco-system. There are many unique varieties of Mexican wildlife throughout the country.

For example, Mexico is home to over four hundred different types of mammals and over seven hundred different types of reptiles.

The second largest barrier reef in the world is also located within the map of Mexico, along the Caribbean coast of the Mayan Riviera. Many people travel to experience scuba diving and to explore the fascinating underwater world of the Belize Barrier Reef.

The Belize Barrier Reef

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