Easter in Mexico

Statistics show that Christianity is the main religion within Mexico. It is estimated that over 80 percent of people practice the Roman Catholic Faith.

With these kind of figures it is easy to understand why so many important community celebrations and customs take place during Easter in Mexico.

It is common to see processions through the city streets. People often stage elaborate plays depicting events from the bible with full costumes and props. The plays can take a lot of planning and work to put on but they usually help to build a strong community spirit.

The majority of shops and businesses are closed during Easter time in Mexico. The only major sector that does stay open is the tourism industry. Because of the national holidays many Mexican people plan holidays at Easter. It is common for families to get together and enjoy community events. If you intend to plan your vacation at this time, many destinations can get booked up quite early.

Church on hill in Mexico

The Easter celebrations in Mexico start on Ash Wednesday and continue throughout Lent.

During Lent it is customary for people to give up something that they would usually enjoy doing. Many Mexican people give up certain types of food during this time.

The celebrations are generally very traditional. The religious meaning behind the events are always apparent. You are not bombarded with over-the-top advertising and end-to-end walls of Easter eggs everywhere you go.

It is common for families to create elaborate decorations and construct altars in celebration. As Holy Week approaches festivities progress as families join together to celebrate their faith.

Easter in Mexico is a special time, it's a time that is treasured by so many people year after year.

Sunlight shing on cross during Easter

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