Mexico Departure Tax Advice

The Mexico departure tax must be paid when departing from Cancun Airport to an international destination. The fee must be paid in full and in cash, when you check in for your return flights at the airport.

How Much is the Mexico Departure Fee?

The actual fee for the departure tax can vary from time to time, so it is a good idea to keep some extra cash available just in case.

It is best to pay the fee in the national currency form (the Mexican Peso).

The required amount for the tax is approximately 900 Mexican Pesos per person. This roughly translates to around 45 pounds in British Sterling, 55 Euros or 65 United States Dollars.

The Mexican Departure Fee is controlled locally and often changes regularly without notice. The tax must be paid in full and in cash before departure (debit and credit cards are not usually accepted).

Planning Your Budget

People often forget about the departure tax when enjoying their holiday. It is also common for people to get upset and unhappy because they did not realise they had to pay the fee when they check in for their return flights.

If you know about the tax beforehand however, then just think of it as part of your Mexico holidays package and plan it into your overall vacation budget. This way you can avoid any unwelcome surprises when you reach the airport.

After all, you're all set to experience a fantastic holiday, and you won't want to end the trip on a negative point for your return flight.

The best advice would be to put keep enough pesos to one side, put the money in an envelope and store it in your safe when you first arrive at your resort. You can then relax and enjoy your vacation in peace, without having to worry about how much of your planned spending money to keep by.

Airport Baggage

Does Everyone Have to Pay the Tax

Everyone has to pay the Mexico Departure Tax, however in some circumstances the fee will be built into the overall price of flight tickets. If you are worried about whether you need to pay the tax then check with your airline or travel provider before you go.

At the majority of resorts in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera you should also have access to a travel representative who you can talk to regarding the most up-to-date information and advice.

Cash machines and ATM's are not usually available as you check-in at the airport terminal, so if you need to, remember to withdraw the required amount of cash out at your resort before departing for your airport transfers.

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