Attractions in Cozumel

Cozumel is a luxurious, panoramic island, located off
the coastline of Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera.

There are many impressive Cozumel attractions to enjoy, experience and discover. However to be honest, the chance to visit the beautiful island destination is an attraction in itself really.

Tourists usually head straight for the sun soaked beaches or set out on one of the varied availability of tours. Whilst other people head off to go souvenir shopping or find a local bar to enjoy a refreshing drink and relax.

The tours are probably a good option if you want to find an all-round flavour and outlook for which excursion activities the island has to offer. Energetic Buggy rides, jungle expeditions, water sports, horse riding, segway trips and cenote caves and caverns showcase just a few of the available options.

Many people visit the island though with the sole intention to experience snorkeling and scuba diving. Cozumel is one of the most popular locations in the world for scuba diving. It is a great place to explore the spectacular and mesmerising coral reefs and get to grips with diving for the first time.

Snorkeling in Cozumel

So, what are the top rated Cozumel attractions to explore?

There are a variety of package deals and guided tours to enjoy on the island. The following list contains some of my favourite options…

Discover Scuba Diving - PADI Course - $82.99

This course offers great experience for first time divers or for those with limited experience.

The activity includes a detailed briefing and practice session which will equip you with the key skills and techniques required for you to experience the delights of scuba diving. After you feel comfortable and confident you will get the opportunity to enjoy open water diving off the coastline of Cozumel.

PADI Certified Scuba Diving - $87.99

Experienced Divers will probably be better suited to the PADI certified trip.

This excursion includes a range of different locations and can feature both shallow and deep sea dive sites. There are over 30 different places to choose from around the island, so you can really tailor this trip to get the most out of your Cozumel diving experience.

Atlantis Submarine Expedition - $98.99

This popular attraction gives visitors the chance to board a US Coast Guard Certified submarine.

The submarine will take you to the hidden depths of the spectacular Chankanaab Marine Park. You can witness the journey through large panoramic windows as the submarine travels around the impressive coral reef formations and the wide variety of marine life living far below the waters surface.

4x4 Rhino and Snorkel Adventure Tour - $85.99

This adventure tour offers the best of both worlds as you get to see the enviable list of features that the island has to offer on land and off.

Drive around the confines of the island in your own 4x4 jeep, then enjoy the chance to cool down and go snorkelling in Punta Sur Bay. This tour offers a fun way to experience and explore the full depths of the island.

Caribbean Sailing, Snorkeling and Sunset - $44.99

Set sail on a catamaran adventure tour with the option to experience snorkelling in three different picturesque locations. The sunset provides an inspirational view of the Caribbean Sea. You can relax and unwind onboard, enjoy the all inclusive drinks and the lively music.

Mayan Ruins in Cozumel

Historical Ruins in Cozumel

Another popular attraction in Cozumel is the chance to visit the remaining Mayan Ruins which offers visitors an insight into the cultural and historical elements of the island.

There are museums where you can learn more about cultural Mexican traditions. There are also a few fascinating archaeological sites to explore.

The best travel advice is to plan ahead and decide which attractions and activities you plan to do before you go. This way you can avoid the disappointment of missing out on your favourite trip or experience due to it being fully booked on the day..

For example if you are intending to experience swimming with dolphins or set out on your first scuba diving lesson, then it is advisable to book these attractions in advance. However if you just wish to explore the island at your own pace, maybe relaxing on the beaches or heading off for a spot of shopping or a bite to eat, then there is probably no need to book anything beforehand. Remember to bring your camera of course so you can get some fantastic photographs of the island to show everyone else back home.

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