Cancun Travel Guide

If you are planning to head out to one of the striking holiday destinations in Mexico, then it is a good idea get up to speed with our essential Cancun travel guide tips. To start with, it is always advisable to plan your budget in advance.

Many people choose to covert their vacation spending money before traveling. If you're planning to stay in one of the fantastic (value for money) all inclusive resorts, then you may not need a great deal of Mexican currency to spend.

You can of course, pre-book any attractions or excursions that you plan to experience before traveling. Look out for the attractions section on this website, to find out more information about the range of available amenities in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead for any additional costs. For example you may decide to book an extra trip or excursion whilst actually on vacation.

It is advisable to keep some spare change by for tips if you receive good service at any relevant restaurants or bars that you visit. Remember to also find out if you will need to pay the airport departure fee. If the Mexico departure tax applies to you then it is a good idea to keep this currency to one side when calculating the costs of you overall travel budget.

Coconut on Beach in Cancun

Arriving at The Airport

If you have planned to stay in the popular holiday destinations of Cancun or Riviera Maya then you should be landing at Cancun International Airport.

It is definitely advisable to plan ahead and book your airport transfers in advance. Once you make your way through customs, you can head straight outside of the terminal and directly to your pre-booked transfers.

On your way through the airport you may be approached by people who will ask to carry your bags.

However they will likely charge considerably for this privilege so it is best to just politely decline and make your way through.

The airport transfers generally take an hour to reach the majority of hotel destinations in the Mayan Riviera. Transfers to Cancun take less time.

It all depends though on how many stops the coaches have to make. If the majority of people are going to the same resort for example then the journey times will be considerably quicker.

The coaches should be air-conditioned and include an on-board toilet. If you require any specific transfer arrangements then you can check with your travel provider for further details and request detailed Cancun travel guide advice about the individual coach specifications.

A Line of Sunloungers on Mexico Beach

Making your way Around

If you follow our advice you'll be prepared and ready for a fantastic holiday in Mexico. There are a wide selection of action-packed attractions and you can generally plan your the trips with coach pickups directly from your hotel.

If you decide to make your own way around however, there are a variety of busses and taxis available in Cancun. Traveling on a bus in Mexico is certainly an experience, the busses will often be driven at a fast pace, so remember to hold on tight and make it clear to the driver when you want to get off.

If you want to arrange a taxi then you can ask at the lobby area of your resort. Prices can vary and the drivers will often speak limited English. It is always appreciated of course if you try and communicate in Spanish (the most widely spoken language in Mexico).

If you decide to travel in a taxi then try to agree a price with the driver before you set off to your destination.

Resort in Mexico

Useful Cancun Travel Tips

One item that you should definitely bring with you on your vacation is an extensive supply of mosquito repellent spray. After all it's not exactly an ideal situation to be covered in mosquito bites when sunbathing on the beautiful panoramic Mexico beaches.

The mosquitos are generally more active at night, so be sure to close all doors and windows in your room and take care when walking around the resort grounds.

Once you have reached your hotel in the popular tourist destinations of Cancun or Riviera Maya you may wish to phone your family and friends to tell them about the amazing location and hotel facilities.

However phoning home can be expensive in Mexico, especially if you call directly from your hotel room. Try to arrange with your mobile phone provider to make overseas calls before setting off on your flights to the country. If this is not possible then you can usually purchase phone cards from reception at most resorts.

I hope you find our Cancun Travel Guide useful. There are a variety of resources throughout the site to help you plan your approaching Mexican vacation. The best advice is to prepare thoroughly before your trip. Research your holiday location and get ready for a fantastic vacation.

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