The Cancun Hurricane Season

The Cancun hurricane season can be difficult to predict. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time and the exact location that will be effected by hurricanes on a yearly basis. Every few years though a variety of Caribbean coast locations can be hit by substantial tropical storms.

The typical time-frame for the hurricane season in Mexico is between the months of June to November. This is a rough outline though, the majority of recorded storms have generally taken place between the months of September and October. It is important to remember that significant storms do not generally occur every year, there is often a few years with minimal adverse weather, before extreme conditions are likely to hit.

It is also important to establish the difference in classification of hurricanes that effect the weather in Mexico. For example a category one storm would effect you far less than a category five.

For the majority of the year, the weather in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera is fantastic and is one of the main reasons that so many people travel there every year to enjoy their vacations.

Hurricane Conditions in Cancun

Traveling During the Rainy Season

There are often a variety of cheap vacation offers during the peak Cancun hurricane season.

Many people choose to travel at off-peak times and take advantage of the deals on offer. This tactic can often work out really well, with a vast number of people experiencing storm-free Mexico holidays and instead taking advantage of the pleasantly hot weather and climate.

It is a risky strategy though and not one that I would potentially advise. After all, there is nothing worse than travelling half way around the world, to have your holiday spoilt by adverse weather conditions.

If you do decide to book during the critical months of the rainy season, then It's a good idea to get travel insurance. Make sure you read the small print however and check that the insurance policy covers you for issues regarding the adverse climate factors and any potential complications caused by the relative tropical storms.

Hurricane storms in Mexico

Hurricane Classification

The different level variations and classification of hurricanes should determine your actions during any stormy conditions. For example, a category one storm should cause limited damage to buildings and may have limited wind speeds in the range of of 80 to 90 miles per hour.

A category four of five storm is considerably more dangerous and may cause damage to fragile structures with wind speeds reaching in excess of 150 miles per hour.

If you plan to travel during the peak Cancun hurricane season then the best advice is to plan ahead.

You can check detailed forecasts before traveling and find out about the direction of any predicted storms at that time. If you're genuinely worried about the threat of tropical storms effecting your vacation, then it is a good idea to consult your travel provider before booking.

Resorts in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera are generally very well prepared for adverse weather conditions. You may wish to check provisional plans for an emergency and find out further information and advice about the facilities that you plan to stay in.

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