Cancun Airport Travel Tips

Millions of tourists travel through Cancun International Airport each year in anticipation of their dream sun soaked vacations.

The airport is located in Quintana Roo on the Caribbean coastline of the map of Mexico. This setting creates some spectacular views as you approach to land, if you have a window seat remember to look out for the beautiful beaches below.

Cancun Airport is the most convenient place to fly to, if you're traveling to your holiday resort in Central Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen,
Puerto Aventuras, Akumal or Tulum.

Depending upon where you are traveling from, you may notice the change in climate, humidity and hot weather conditions as soon as you touch down and exit the plane. You will then proceed to collect your bags and suitcases and make your way through customs.

View from plane arriving at Cancun Airport in Cancun

Arriving at the Terminal

Once you enter the main terminal, the best advice is to proceed straight to your pre-booked airport transfers and on to your designated resort.

It is definitely a good idea to pre-book your airport transfers before traveling so you can enjoy a more relaxed and straight forward vacation experience. The majority of travel providers will usually offer the transfers as part of your booking, but remember to double check this.

As you make your way through the airport terminal, you may be approached by a range of people that offer to carry your bags or try to sell you tickets to popular attractions in the region.

However they will expect a considerable tip for this service. In my experience it is best to just politely decline and head straight outside to your designated tour operator or to your pre-booked transfer pickup point.

The Journey Home

After enjoying your fantastic holiday in Mexico, before you know it, it will soon be time for your return journey to the Cancun International Airport.

It is advisable to check the times and schedule of your airport transfer departures with your tour operator, a couple of days before you are set to leave your resort and return home.

Remember if you are traveling to certain worldwide destinations you may all have to pay a Mexico departure tax on your return journey.

This fee is payed in cash, so be sure to keep enough Mexican currency to one side for this.

After checking in and proceeding through customs, there are a variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy at the airport. You may wish to purchase a few last minute souvenirs or get a quick bite to eat before boarding your flight home.

If you really enjoyed your vacation experience you may even start thinking about a return journey to the airport for next year.

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